DareDevils History Page

The main goal of this project .oO(game) is the pleasure of all developpers and contributers.
We want to create a funny and groovy 3D game with sound, AI, physic engine, net,
multiplayer, and anything we want to code and/or to learn.

The project started in november 2001 in Strasbourg's university restaurant [in the well-known ULP],
where we joke about a game where donuts would race on crazy tracks...
A few weeks later you could see the first pictures of "The Incredible Flying Donuts", first in the form of a simple 3d file viewer.
But soon a correct 3d engine with octrees and occlusion was added, and then a first physics engine (wich is being rewritten).
Mp3 sound and network support are also being investigated. [To be continued...]
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