CYBOP 1.0.0

Features Developer


  • Add CSS decoder and encoder
  • Prepare LDAP communication
  • Add LaTeX serialiser
  • Check for user/ group permission at every access to knowledge memory
  • Implement CYBOL serialisation and persistence handling
  • Implement RPC communication
  • Implement Healthcare Exchange Protocol (HXP) communication
  • Implement CORBA (Healthcare/ HDTF/ CORBAmed) communication
  • Implement SOAP communication
  • Implement HL7 Message communication
  • Implement HL7 Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) communication
  • Implement DICOM communication
  • Add ODW (Open Document) decoder
  • Burn parts into hardware chip
Christian Heller


  • Advance web user interface for Presence application
  • Implement start_progress and stop_progress action to set Wait cursor at beginning and end of handle
  • Implement login at system startup
  • Implement UnDo functionality; see design patterns Command and Memento
Christian Heller


  • Factor out parts of cyboi into special libraries like x-window-system
  • Become official gnu project
  • Update cybop Debian package
  • Provide RPM packages
  • Provide Windows setup assistant
Karl Berry