Features Developer


  • Restructure CYBOI command line argument handling to allow for dynamic log file, log level etc.
  • Recognise command line options: version, help, test
  • Implement file output of text, now available in CYBOL
  • Implement shell input, output, error output, now available in CYBOL
  • Complete serialiser converting cybop knowledge models into structured text called "model diagram" (good for debugging cybop knowledge models)
  • Generate formatted xhtml code, with tags and attributes, from CYBOL
  • Provide first version of web user interfaces (wui) using tcp socket (not usable yet)
  • Complete parser converting the German X Datentraeger (xDT) medical exchange format into CYBOI knowledge models
  • Add opengl startup and shutdown
  • Add new test procedures
  • Internal improvements and bugfixes
Christian Heller


  • Update cybol applications
Christian Heller


  • Add opengl/ mesa libraries to makefile
Christian Heller