Features Developer


  • Update and add more things for wide character handling
  • Prepare access to meta elements of a compound double hierarchy; two knowledge tree separators are now possible: the part separator . and the meta separator #
  • Restructure compound handling, so that functions now get handed over the compound model and corresponding compound details (meta information)
  • Provide universal "get" function, so that CYBOL knowledge templates can be written much more flexibly, since models can be given as
    1 hard-coded inline value
    2 hierarchical name to a model (= encapsulated model)
    3 hierarchical name pointing to another hierarchical name containing a model (= double-encapsulated model)
  • Implement threads using mutexes (atomic flags) for reception of signals via x window system and linux console (terminal)
  • Interrupt (exit) and free resources of all receive service threads automatically at system shutdown, which is necessary in case a CYBOL application developer forgot to do that
  • Rework textual user interface (tui) handling; introduce windowing technique
  • Implement selective repaint; small areas instead of the whole textual user interface (tui) can be repainted now
  • Implement x window system gui event handling
  • Add unix shell command processing from within CYBOL
Christian Heller


  • Add a number of new model constants (boolean operations, bit manipulation operations etc.)
  • Remove CYBOL_ABSTRACTION everywhere and replace with COMPOUND_ABSTRACTION, which existed in parallel
Christian Heller


  • Add libpthread library to Makefile, for linking
  • Add minor things to Makefile, for Linux-Windows platform compilations, so that conditional preprocessor directives like: #ifdef LINUX_OPERATING_SYSTEM can be used in the source code
  • Provide source code tar balls (tar.gz), as pre-condition
  • Update Debian packages
  • Sponsor Debian packages and upload to testing distribution
Christian Heller