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  • Adapt Makefile to restructured source code directories
Christian Heller


  • Prepare terminal handling of Textual User Interfaces (TUI); (see Zemljanka and TurboVision)
  • Debug many errors caused by NULL_POINTER checks which tested the variables instead of their dereferenced values
    wrong: if (a != NULL_POINTER)
    right: if (*a != NULL_POINTER)
    this caused knowledge models not to be created/ added to the knowledge root/ whole model
  • Replace NULL_POINTER with &NULL_POINTER, where a local void** variable is initialised
  • Remove all const keywords before static variables and before parameters in headers of procedures, for less code, improved readability and because the const keyword is considered useless now:
    1. pointers that were handed over do mostly not get manipulated directly anyway, only pointers within the array pointed to
    2. arrays defined with = {} are constant anyway
  • Delete all character counts and replace them with just one count constant
  • Change and unify all comparisons, so that their if expressions now compare for equality with 0 instead of 1
  • Replace constant count variables with the already existing integer counts, to save redundant code and also some memory, e.g.:
    static const int COMMA_CHARACTER_COUNT_ARRAY[] = {1};
    replaced with:
  • Delete superfluous source files for primitives; only vectors are used now everywhere
  • Rename string to character vector
  • Simplify source code by replacing POINTER_NULL_POINTER, INTEGER_NULL_POINTER, FILE_NULL_POINTER etc. in all source files with just NULL_POINTER
  • Replace allocate_integer and others with more general procedure allocate
  • Prepare send_terminal procedure for tui output
  • Rename low-level receive/ send into read/ write, to better distinguish them from the high-level receive/ send CYBOL operations
  • Rename low-level create/ destroy into allocate/ deallocate, to better distinguish them from the high-level create/ destroy CYBOL operations
  • Rename file set.c to copy.c
  • Add knowledge memory and signal memory to internal memory; this HAS TO BE DONE, because when using threads, ONLY ONE parameter (the internal memory) can be handed over to these
  • Hand over internal memory, knowledge memory and signal memory as parameters, instead of reading them every time from internal_memory
  • Rename internals_memory to internal_memory
  • Adapt some include paths and procedure names after restructuring
  • Delete memory managers and put code into general manager.c
  • Write log messages to a file instead of to console
  • Replace all American English (e.g. lize suffixes) with British (Commonwealth) English (e.g. lise) which is now consistently used throughout all source code
  • Move directories communicator, converter and translator from parent directory controller to parent directory memoriser
  • Rename directory computer to applicator
  • Restructure source code directories in relation to von Neumann computer architecture, i.e. consisting of the parts:
    • memoriser (Memory, containing states)
    • controller (Control Unit, coordinating flow)
    • applicator (Arithmetic Logic Unit = ALU, containing logic)
    • globals (additional, global constants and variables)
    • tester (additional, for testing)
Christian Heller


  • Add some abstraction- and structure constants
Christian Heller