Features Developer


  • Create Debian Packages cybop, cybop-papers, cybop-presentations, cyboi-dev
  • Move additional application packages like resadmin etc. to Res Medicinae project
Dennis Reichenbach


  • Complete implementation of the loop operation
  • Correct bug in get_new_signal_id of signal_memory_accessor.c
  • Implement Web User Interface (WUI) handling by generating (translating) HTML from CYBOL (comparable to XUL/ UIML)
  • Extend sources for handing over string parameters in URL, using escape code sequences
  • Add url_refresh operation
  • Implement post operation for web communication
  • Add new abstraction knowledge for runtime access to knowledge model
  • Enable dynamically created logic models
  • Generalise handling of services using startup/ shutdown operations
  • Run tcp service in an own thread
  • Synchronise signal memory using Mutex
  • Use send operation for placing runtime signals read from a CYBOL source into the signal memory
  • Restructure source directories, following von Neumann architecture (controller, memory, computer, globals)
  • Remove /web directory (tcp procedures are now in receive_tcp_socket.c; client socket and signal numbers are in internals_memory_accessor.c)
  • Remove input_output_activator.c (now done by startup/ shutdown and receive/ interrupt/ send service calls in CYBOL)
  • Remove input_output_handler.c (activation/ blocking flags etc. are now created/ destroyed in corresponding startup/ shutdown procedure)
Rolf Holzmueller
Christian Heller


  • Get Res Admin application with web frontend running
  • Remove all examples prefixes from model directory names in Res Admin application
  • Replace helloworld_with_shutdown through helloworld_dynamic_logic
  • Rename configuration.cybol to run.cybol in all CYBOL applications
Rolf Holzmueller
Christian Heller