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  • Debian Packages cyboi-doc and cybol-examples
Dennis Reichenbach


  • Move global variables and constants into special files
  • Use encapsulated primitives so that pointers can be handed through the system, instead of copies of char, int, double etc.; encapsulation is also necessary to preserve a primitive's value in memory -- otherwise, their value gets lost as soon as a parser procedure is left
  • Complete system lifecycle and waiting loop
  • Simplify configuration file which now consists of solely key-value pairs, on just one level, NOT hierarchically
  • Store configuration values internally in a simple pointer array instead of an extra data structure; it is not necessary to store additional type information in a second column of the internals memory, because internals are ALWAYS simple pointers to some date structure that was created outside the internals memory
  • Adapt whole system to new configuration handling
  • Factor out code from cyboi main function into separate files and procedures, for better overview
  • Change all get procedures in arrays, so that only references, but NOT copies are delivered back; change system accordingly
  • Change complete CYBOI system from unnecessary triple-referenced pointers to simple ones
  • Only hand over those variables as double reference which:
    1. will carry a result to be delivered back
    2. have to be treated as array
  • Remove signal from signal_memory only AFTER the signal has been handled
  • Correct A LOT OF bugs causing segmentation faults at runtime
  • Get Hello, World! application running
Christian Heller
Rolf Holzmueller


  • Create first applications exit and helloworld
  • Prepare resadmin application with web frontend
Christian Heller
Rolf Holzmueller