CYBOP 0.20.0

Features Developer


  • Use new io entry structure for x window system for storage in internal memory and remove old display constants
  • Move create functionality of directory "executor/memoriser/creator/" to "applicator/memorise/"
  • Adapt applicators for operations "calculate", "cast", "compare", "logify", "manipulate" to use the type of one operand instead of explicitly given property
  • Optimise and restructure directory with focus on part | item | array, for "calculator", "caster", "comparator"
  • Adapt html serialiser to allow flexible document type
  • Add directory stream reader/writer
  • Add sort operations and implement bubble sorter
  • Add checker for lexicographical comparison, usable for all types, delegating to comparator for primitive types
  • Add file "controller/tester.c" for writing a part's model and properties to a file
  • Distinguish comparison with vector result and scalar result
  • Add part comparator for deep comparison
  • Adapt file "array_comparator.c", so that empty arrays are considered equal now, which is important for parts with empty properties
  • Add verifier for checking if index and count are outside a data array's boundaries, to be used in "item_comparator" and similar files
  • Determine minimum model count of operands before calling functions "compare", "calculate", "cast" (not applicable to "manipulate" and "modify")
  • Delete directory "executor/searcher/" and move content to "executor/" as detector, mover, selector
Christian Heller


  • Rename property "element" into "whole_properties" for cybol operation "memorise/create"
  • Rename property "model" into "part" for cybol operation "memorise/destroy"
  • Delete superfluous property "type" in a number of cybol operations like "calculate", "cast", "compare", "logify", "manipulate"
  • Rename cybol operation "smaller" and "smaller-or-equal" into "less" and "less-or-equal"
  • Replace cybol operation "compare/equal" with "check/equal" for "text/plain" and remove property "selection" with value "all", in all cybol examples
  • Add cybol application "repertoire"
  • Add cybol operation "sort/bubble" with boolean property "descending" and use "ascending" as default
  • Extend cybol application "sorter"
  • Add comparison criterion as optional property for cybol sort operations used with compound parts
  • Replace cybol application "string_comparison" with "lexicographical_comparison"
  • Add properties "count", "left_index", "right_index" to cybol operation "compare"
  • Add new cybol application "comparator", covering string comparison via checker as well as boolean result vectors and scalar result values
  • Provide new cybol operations "calculate/minimum" and "calculate/maximum"
  • Rename existing cybol application "calculator" into "calculator_tui"
  • Use cybol application "calculator" for testing arithmetic operations
Christian Heller