Features Developer


  • Correct determination of highest priority index in signal memory
  • Restructure project directories: /constants --> /constant; /model --> /array; /model --> /state; /statics --> /state; /dynamics --> /logic
  • Move operation (being state knowledge) to /state
  • Bundle all constants in just one place
  • Use more constants, instead of hard-coded values
  • Introduce constants for log messages
  • Improve logger; removed all dependencies from other project parts (like array)
  • Hand over size and count as parameters; do not keep them in one array with pointers
  • Prepare processing of compound signals
  • Factor out two procedures handle_create_model_signal and handle_send_signal from handle_operation_signal
  • Adapt create_model procedure to read cybol sources from several locations like inline|file|ftp
  • Add test procedures in an own testing module
  • Prepare processing of compound signals
Christian Heller