CYBOP 0.19.0

Features Developer


  • Replace preprocessor macros with posix-compliant ones
  • Let last preprocessor branch report an error instead of using linux as fallback OS
  • Simplify string arrays in directory "constant/"
  • Delete log message constants and use string literals in source code context
  • Extend knowledge path deserialiser to retrieve all kinds of memory (knowledge, signal, stack)
  • Rewrite knowledge deserialiser and knowledge selector for path () and index [] as well as nested paths and path references
  • Tailor files "handler.c" and "knowledge_part_getter.c" since common code was moved to unified knowledge path deserialiser
  • Merge container functionality "overwrite", "append", "insert", "remove", "empty", "fill" into cybol operation "modify"
  • Reintroduce type comparison of destination- and source part in "modify" applicator
  • Support cybol properties "destination_properties" and "source_properties" in "modify" applicator
  • Evaluate cybol property flag "move" in "modify" applicator, in order to use shallow- or deep copying
  • Adapt modifier functions by forwarding deep copying flag in directory "executor/modifier/"
  • Move stack handling from file "element_part_handler.c" to "part_handler.c"
  • Replace function call "handle_properties" for stack memory variables with "modify_item" (append)
  • Move function call "modify_array" (empty) from "array_deallocator" to "item_deallocator", so that only data array but not count and size trigger it
Christian Heller


  • Replace knowledge path character number sign "#" with colon ":" as separator for property access
  • Provide memory root paths ".", "#", "|", for knowledge-, stack-, signal memory, respectively
  • Extend knowledge deserialiser to accept path references, e.g. *.app.node and unlimited nested references, e.g. **.app.node
  • Migrate cybol applications to new knowledge path syntax with mime type "text/cybol-path"
  • Remove old mime types "path/knowledge", "path/reference", "path/stack"
  • Write cybol application "cybol-path" for testing knowledge path variants
  • Delete superfluous property "type" for "modify/" container operations in cybol applications and api documentation
  • Use "destination_properties" property for operation "modify/empty" in cybol applications using it
  • Verify correct execution of cybol application "copier" for testing shallow- and deep copying (cloning)
  • Optimise cybol application "counter_stack_deep" using stack variables
  • Optimise cybol application "tui_control" using stack variables
  • Add cybol application "project_overview"
  • Continue cybol application "clean_result_directory"
Christian Heller


  • Add cmake build scripts to new directory "build/"
  • Include doxygen configuration to cmake
  • Add python script "build/cmake/"
  • Move icons and manpages to directory "build/"
  • Move testing functionality from "src/tester/" to new directory "test/"
  • Remove autotools configuration files, since they got replaced with cmake
  • Use file "build/.clang-format" for code formatting
  • Add python script "tools/" for simplifying string arrays in directory "constant/"
Enrico Gallus