CYBOP 0.17.0

Features Developer


  • Prepare gui serialiser and layout serialiser
  • Add randomise operations
  • Add more cyboi shell commands and -operations (Maximilian Brenner)
  • Complete socket functionality and keep client socket integer array internally
  • Define symbolic names as variable values at startup
  • Create input/output entry structure for all kinds of services
  • Optimise endless loop checking for signals/service interrupts in controller (eliminate some sensing threads)
  • Loop and close all services at shutdown
  • Merge input/output filters for various channels in chain (device|compression|encoding|language+format|knowledge)
  • Distinguish low-level reading/writing in directory "executor/streamer/" from "executor/communicator/" as central i/o point
  • Reactivate and update http-request/http-response/uri de-/serialiser
  • Implement xml serialiser
  • Implement cybol element/part serialiser
  • Introduce new channel "clock" for reading and adjusting time and date
  • Introduce new channel "randomiser" for sowing a seed and generating random numbers
Christian Heller
Maximilian Brenner


  • Update api generator
  • Provide syntax files in XML, JSON, self-defined "short" notation in new directory "doc/books/cybol/syntax/"
  • Rename all xml tags (model, part, property, constraint) uniformly to just "node"
  • Add "string_comparison" cybol application
  • Add "randomiser" cybol application
  • Add "arithmetics" cybol application
  • Rewrite "calculator" cybol application (Sibylle Hebenstreit, Marc Jäkel, Andreas Burkhardt)
  • Add "tictactoe" cybol application (Sandra Rum, Stephan Griese, Thomas Schulze)
  • Add "socket_server" and "socket_client" cybol applications
  • Add "www_server_static" and "www_server_dynamic" cybol applications
  • Continue "presence" cybol application with css, calendar week navigation, favicon, uri generation
Christian Heller
Sibylle Hebenstreit
Marc Jäkel
Andreas Burkhardt
Sandra Rum
Stephan Griese
Thomas Schulze


  • Update cybol api specification (Max Müller-Domhardt, Sebastian König)
  • Add "cybol_generator" gui designer based on C++/Qt (Pit Braunsdorf, Sophia Kledzinski)
Max Müller-Domhardt
Sebastian König
Pit Braunsdorf
Sophia Kledzinski