CYBOP 0.16.0

Features Developer


  • Add new mime type constants (Franziska Wehner)
  • Add iso character set constants (Franziska Wehner)
  • Provide values for command line argument "--test", in order to call one test unit at a time
  • Restructure test units (Melanie Fricke, Philipp Engelmann, Paul-Georg Stengel)
  • Redesign compound copiers/setters/getters for complex/datetime/duration/fraction
  • Complete decimal
  • and vulgar fraction calculator and comparator
  • Add cartesian
  • and polar complex calculator and comparator (Tony Kreißl, Sascha Kühnel, Kevin Wettermann)
  • Add boolean and bitwise logic operations (Tony Kreißl, Sascha Kühnel, Kevin Wettermann)
  • Add directory "executor/container/" with operation comparing if a bounded area contains a given value
  • Add platform-independent shell commands (Alexander Müller, Kevin Glück)
  • Continue gui serialiser
  • Add layout serialiser
  • Add datetime compound structure based on julian day (int) and julian second (double)
  • Add time scale gregorian_date/julian_date/jd/mjd/tjd/tai calendar de-/serialiser
  • Add new entries to xdt de-/serialiser (Birgit Heller)
  • Extend xdt selectors following BDT/KVDT/GDT standard documents (Florian Pachel)
  • Add knowledge path extension for accessing node name using parentheses, e.g. .app.wui.(.app.var.page_name).body.table
  • Add visual studio c adaptations (Mike Feustel, Benno Schilling)
  • Add compilation changes for Apple Mac OSX (Markus Hinkelmann)
Franziska Wehner
Christian Heller
Melanie Fricke
Philipp Engelmann
Paul-Georg Stengel
Tony Kreißl
Sascha Kühnel
Kevin Wettermann
Alexander Müller
Kevin Glück
Birgit Heller
Florian Pachel
Mike Feustel
Benno Schilling
Markus Hinkelmann


  • Add "datetime" cybol application for testing various date formats
  • Add "ui" cybol application with tui, gui, wui
  • Add "calculator" application with tui (Cedric Thomas)
  • Create tool "tools/field_description_xdt_model_generator/"
  • Create tool "tools/xdt_field_description_serialiser_generator/"
Christian Heller
Cedric Thomas


  • Add slides for short lightning talk on cybop to directory "doc/lightning_talk/"
  • Add brochure to directory "doc/presentations/prospectus/"
  • Add shell script "dist/"
Christian Heller