CYBOP 0.14.0

Features Developer


  • Port to win32 api using mingw and pre-processor defines (Tobias Köhler)
  • Enable terminal output under windows using win32 console functionality
  • Split logger into several files and add windows system error log function
  • Fix serial port interface (Tobias Köhler)
  • Migrate x window system event receiver from xlib to x c bindings (xcb)
  • Add bit manipulation functions, e.g. "clear", "set", "shift_left", "rotate_right"
  • Add bit logic operations, e.g. "and", "xor"
  • Add calculator and comparator for types double and pointer (Marcel Wesberg)
Tobias Köhler
Christian Heller
Marcel Wesberg


  • Add unix- as well as windows shell commands in a platform independent manner (Falco Prescher)
  • Add language "message/cli" using command-line output, other than "message/tui" which uses whole screen terminal output
  • Update gui cybol application
Falco Prescher
Christian Heller


  • Update cybol api specification (Johannes David)
  • Update beginner's manual and translate into English (Tim Illner)
  • Add cybol source editor "Cybol-Eclipse-Plugin" (Michael Dietrich)
  • Add cybol source editor "cybol_web_creator" (Axel Petzka)
  • Add cybol source editor "Visual_Cybop" (Alexander Papenfuß)
Johannes David
Tim Illner
Michael Dietrich
Axel Petzka
Alexander Papenfuß