CYBOP 0.13.0

Features Developer


  • Implement new version of xdt deserialiser, needed for German medical data formats bdt/gdt/ldt
  • Add character encodings: ascii, iso-8859-1, iso-8859-15, windows-1252, c0 and c1 control codes of iso 6429
  • Adjust reference counting to make rubbish (garbage) collection work correctly
  • Add communication channel "serial_port" for talking to microcontroller device via usb
  • Add terminal mode line speed serialiser necessary for converting integer to POSIX.1 baudrate symbols
Christian Heller


  • Simplify cybol files by removing attributes like "encoding" and "language"
  • Add new operations: run/sleep-second, run/sleep-nano, modify/fill, cast/character, cast/double, cast/integer
  • Add formats: number/byte, in addition to "text/ascii", both internally mapped to "unsigned char"
  • Add applications "indoor_climate"
Christian Heller


  • Add cybol editor of Benjamin Teßmar and Sebastian Brückner
  • Add cybop-python comparison article of Max Brauer
Benjamin Teßmar
Sebastian Brückner
Max Brauer