CYBOP 0.12.0

Features Developer


  • Advance ansi escape code generator
  • Add or update container functions: get, count, indicate (empty or exists), insert, remove
  • Improve terminal input and -output
  • Replace optionaliser with command line deserialiser
  • Simplify cyboi command line so that "--knowledge" argument is the default
  • Update html serialiser with switchable formatting
  • Implement handling of index in knowledge path
  • Implement character reference de-/serialiser for numeric character reference (hexadecimal and decimal) and entity reference
  • Prepare percent encoding de-/serialiser
  • Add decimal fraction de-/serialiser and calculator of Falk Müller
Christian Heller
Falk Müller


  • Make cybol application "ui_control" work again
  • Add applications get_count, addition_using_indices, index_usage, knowledge_tree_access, addition_using_serialisation, wui, tui, double
  • Generate cybol application programming interface (api) specification from cybol files using html format, contributed by Enrico Gallus
  • Add new operations: represent/serialise, represent/deserialise, access/get-name
Christian Heller
Enrico Gallus


  • Add "cybol_extension" tutorial of Falk Müller
Falk Müller