CYBOP 0.11.0

Features Developer


  • Restructure executor directory
  • Redesign modules for comparison, calculation
  • Reimplement container framework using compound hierarchy part-item-dataarray-value
  • Provide functions for copy/get/overwrite/append/insert/remove
  • Split translation into representer for de-/serialisation and converter for de-/encoding
  • Distinguish between language (e.g. text/cybol) and data format (e.g. number/integer) valid within the language
  • Increase execution speed by using integer values instead of strings for runtime cybol meta attributes
  • Restructure many constants into state- and logic directories
  • Implement rubbish (garbage) collector in directory executor/referencer/ using new part field
  • Debug a number of logical errors
  • Debug memory allocation errors occuring on 64 Bit machines, using the valgrind memcheck tool
  • Move test files into testing directory
  • Simplify creation of model diagram output using special test function calls
Christian Heller
Enrico Gallus
Thomas Thiele
Friedemann Simon


  • Add applications counter, addition, time_output, shell_output (for sequence, branch, loop)
  • Complete list of cybol meta attributes: name, channel, encoding, language, format, model
  • Decide that operations are distinguished by their format (type) and NOT model any longer
Christian Heller
Patrick Sperl
Jens Rudek
Andy Röhr


  • Add (German language) beginner's manual written by two students
  • Move project to GNU Savannah developer portal, since berliOS announced to close end of 2011
  • Move website documents from directory doc to www
  • Add directory www to CVS, as required by GNU Savannah
Christian Heller
Stefan Bebber
Enrico Nipper
Patrick Westphal
Mirco Gatz
Patrick Lorenz
Johannes Meinhardt