Building crmsh
Unit tests
Regression tests


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crmsh is a free software project, and is open to contributors. Patches, comments, documentation, testing and so on are all very much welcome!

Building crmsh

The source code for crmsh is kept in a git repository hosted at github. Use the command-line tool git to get a working copy:

git clone

crmsh needs the source code to cluster-glue and pacemaker when installing. On openSUSE, these are packaged as libglue-devel and libpacemaker-devel.

make install

Unit tests

The test suite uses nose. On most distributions, this can be installed by installing the package python-nose, or using pip.

To run the unit test suite, go to the source code directory of crmsh and call:


Regression tests

crmsh comes with a regression test suite. The regression tests need to run after installation, on a system which has pacemaker installed. To execute the tests, call:

cat crmtestout/regression.out