It is rewritten from Bjoern Giesler's CodeEditor.

My goal is to make it a good (non-rich) text editor and a good code editor (not a project manager as ProjectCenter) so that I can replace vi with it.


  1. Faster than ever
  2. Tab View: Don't need to open so many terminals again.
  3. Toolbar: Use "Alt (left) - t" to open/close a simple toolbar on the fly.
  4. Find (Regular Express support) and replace.
  5. File Inspector.
  6. Change font attributes and preference instantly without restart.
  7. Periodically or manually Highlight keyword with difference attributes according to the language.
  8. Automatically or manually find delimiter pair.
  9. Automatically indentation according to the preference.
  10. Support scripting (need StepTalk).

Latest Version: 0.4.3

Download: CodeEditor.