1.4. Contributions

Big it up for (in order of time of contribution):

Table 1.3. Contributors to this CHM specification.

Name Website Contact Copyright
Paul Wise aka pabs[a] http://pabs.zip.to Yes
Matthew Russotto http://www.speakeasy.org/~russotto/ No
Olivier Sannier http://obones.free.fr No
Unknown http://www.vivid-creations.com Unknown No
Jed Wing Yes
Razvan Cojocaru http://xchm.sourceforge.net/ No

[a] Please send your fixes, suggestions, content & anything else to the pabs.

Table 1.4. The contributions that were made to this CHM specification.

Name Contribution
Paul Wise aka Pabs Editor. Also reversed the internal files, gathered info from the net and wrote almost all the sections other than most of the $FIftiMain description.
Matthew Russotto Reversed the ITSF format & its LZX compression and publicly documented the ITSF format.
Olivier Sannier Publicly documented CHM Samples as used by the MSDN
http://www.vivid-creations.com Provided just enough info in a Usenet message to allow the overall structure of CHS files to be reversed.
Jed Wing Completely reversed the $FIftiMain file and contributed the important, complicated details to the spec, which corrected my pathetic efforts.
Razvan Cojocaru Submitted clarity bug reports for the $FIftiMain section.