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However a single RTIG may be used for several federations. The command line usage of the RTIG is following:

rtig [-v 2] [-l @IP|hostname]
  • -v (optional) verbosity level
    • 0 -> no output
    • 1 -> small amount
    • 2 -> show fed parse
  • -l (optional) listening address

Once the RTIG is launched an HLA Federate may interact with the RTI. In fact a federate does not talk to the RTIG directly but it uses its RTIA. RTIG is listening to RTIA connection on TCP port:

  1. 60400 or,
  2. the value of environment variable CERTI_TCP_PORT if it is defined

The RTIG exchange messages with the RTIA in order to satify HLA request coming from the Federate. In particular RTIG is responsible for giving to the Federate (through its RTIA) the FOM file needed to create or join the federation. When a federate calls the CreateFederationExcution API RTIG tries to open FOM file from different predefined places, using various environment variables:

  1. Bare filename considered as a path provided through FEDid_name
  2. Use CERTI federation object model serach PATH getenv(CERTI_FOM_PATH) + FEDid_name.
    CERTI_FOM_PATH environment variable may contains a list of path separated with ':'.
  3. Using the CERTI_HOME environment variable getenv(CERTI_HOME)+"/share/federations/"+ FEDid_name
  4. installation place plus FEDid_name
    PACKAGE_INSTALL_PREFIX + "/share/federation/" + FEDid_name
  5. on Unix "/usr/local/share/federation/" + FEDid_name for backward compatibility reason.

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