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2001/11/06 ]--- 0.0.2r22 released (first public release)

  • check if /etc/buildpkg.conf exists, and if yes install new config file as *.new otherways as *.conf
  • check if $SBINDIR/buildpkg.jail exists, and if yes install new 'jail' file as *.new otherways as *.jail
  • separated get_program_version (I needed it also at packaging)
  • implemented DEBIAN packaging ability
  • install buildpkg.rules.gz into same dir as buildpkg script
  • global configuration dir $CONFDIR (default: /etc/buildpkg)
  • separated debian skeleton builder into own function
  • ignore find_deps if debian $PACKAGE_TYPE detected debian will use its own
  • debian skeletons (control, changelog, rules) moved into $CONFDIR/debian/ directory -> defaults can be changed more dynamicaly...
  • man-page updates
  • updates
  • moved $0.jail also into $CONFDIR as buildpkg.jail
  • check for fakeroot and only execute ./debian/rules if it exists
  • modified to use new place for buildpkg.jail
  • moved all configuration (even buildpkg.conf) files into $CONFDIR.
  • defines in debian stuff are now named __DEFNAME__, and all default stuff is placed in $CONFDIR/debian/ and can be freely editted.
  • to the famous >>edit<< step before packaging debian stuff
  • minor man-page updates
  • moved debian __DEFINES__ parser into separate function
  • enhanced correct_mislinked_files logic
  • enhanced copy_into_jail logic
  • use $UID, not $USER in
  • new 'STEP7-pre' step alias 'steps to do before packaging'; debian's ./debian/ directory creation moved here
  • now debian binary-package creation works ok; checked with debian 2.2r2; doc and devel packages are on TODO list
  • some minor man-page changes
  • correct a minor regexp problem
  • this release is mainly because of CVS import (BTW, it contains also some changes)
  • now every debian package (bin, doc, dev) has it's own predef file in ./debian ...
  • move ./debian directory creation into package spec step ...
  • only use fakeroot if $UID not 0
  • do not use separate predef files for debian (it's better to let sed change the few parts)
  • debian related functions reorganized
  • change docdir automaticaly from /usr/doc to /usr/share/doc if debian format
  • copy_into_jail exported as a separate function (useful for shell scripts)
  • redhat (.rpm) support
  • debian (.deb) related functions reorganised
  • find_deps improved
  • man-pages improved
  • just upped the patchlevel to be in sync with CVS versioning ... (sorry)

2001/11/20 ]--- 0.0.2r23 released

  • changed '[' to 'test', because I do not want to depend on a symlink
  • fixed some typos
  • 'FASTMODE' do not halt after patch, config and build steps even if AUTORUN not set. Useful for binary only installations.
  • 'ENABLE_FIND_PROGRESS' this option in combination with the find.patch located in the patches directory gives you a nice rotochar during the FS scan before and after install (AUTO_COLLECT_INSTALLED).
  • Patches can now be '.patch', '.patch.bz2' and '.patch.gz'; buildpkg will detect which version you use and use this one.
  • binary only mode '--bo' has now an own option
  • Changes in order to run on FreeBSD :
    • replace 'expr {length,index,substr}' with own functions
    • do not return or exit with '-1' -> changed to '1'
    • never use 'test bla == bla', use 'test bla = bla' instead
    • replace 'source ./filename' by '. ./filename'
    • replace '$UID' checks by '"`whoami`"'
    • replace logic of get_dirname, FreeBSD's tar does have another date output format.
  • enhanced cmdline option parsing
  • get_dirname changes
  • PROGRAM_VERSION logic changes
  • sync after install

2001/12/07 ]--- 0.0.2r24 released

  • README file added
  • Changed 'test -e' to 'test -f', do not need to be so global. Support for ash (it has builtin test support but only '-f' and '-d' types).
  • Stripped '-n' option fron echo where not nessesary.
  • The '-n' and '-e' options cannot coexist in ash's builtin echo, so better use the '\c' ESC sequence in this cases.
  • autodetect OS type
  • rev implemented in awk (Solaris does not have rev)
  • Solaris find_deps finished, package creation tested but still WIP
  • echo options depends on OS (autodetected)
  • find_deps changed to work also on Solaris
  • OS detection feature also in, do not install linux specifix stuff if !Linux OS detected
  • new helpers directory will include show utils installed under /usr/lib/buildpkg/helpers
  • first helper: geteuid
  • small bugfixes to yesterdays changes
  • More Solaris work (find_deps, copy_into_jail and mkskel fully working)
  • 'cp -v' implementation in shell + awk
  • whoami on Solaris located at /usr/ucb/
  • removed '-a' option from 'cp' (Solaris does not have it)
  • more work on create_solaris_prototype (was create_solaris_package) function
  • added solaris part in packaging section
  • ./INSTALL added
  • '--lower' option in mkskel (convert names to lowercase)
  • make_DEPline and make_Solaris_DEPfile functions
  • creates valied solaris packages with dependency handling
  • STEP5 and STEP6 swaped (now able to use deps file for package creation)
  • man page updates
  • added expand to requirements list
  • install helper utilities into /usr/lib/buildpkg/helpers (geteuid, lstat)
  • detection of 'GNU find' and alternative solutions for '-path' and '-printf' options
  • reorganised ./helpers subdirectory
  • Solaris support works fine

2002/01/13 ]--- 0.0.2r25 released

  • fixed bug in 'awk_rev' function
  • fixed bug in 'verbose_cmd_cp' function
  • added "statically" string to exclude list in 'find_deps' function
  • fixed bad version reporting bug in mkskel
  • removed globalised config and jail files -> now each supported package type has its own ones
  • ask package type at setup/install and install only the needed files
  • RedHat specific default .jail file added ( "huleboer" )
  • minor fix in find_deps

2002/02/19 ]--- 0.0.2r26-rc1 released

  • ignore lines starting with '#' in jail file
  • '--remove' option in buildpkg(multicall)
  • debian version of default.jail
  • add 'chown' and 'chgrp' to default.jail files

2002/02/21 ]--- 0.0.2r26-rc2 released

2002/02/25 ]--- 0.0.2r26 released

  • 'distro specific defaults' feature
  • mkskel changes
  • mkinfodir fixes
  • create_filelist, compare_filelists and copy_to_destdir changes
  • snapshoot feature changes, generate_filelist changes
  • filter_filelists
  • 'correct links' feature fixes
  • man and info pages compression fixes
  • reorganised buildpkg STEPs
  • new STEP: collect files (5)
  • automatically re-generate info-index
  • update man pages

2002/04/25 ]--- 0.0.2r27-rc1 released

  • clear cookies fix
  • better way to clear line in find_deps
  • copy_into_jail path-fix

2002/04/26 ]--- 0.0.2r27-rc2 released

  • change type to 'd' in separate devel.
  • split verbose_cmd_cp
  • cmd_cp fix

2002/04/27 ]--- 0.0.2r27-rc3 released

  • correct_mislinked_files fix
  • 'download only' mode fix

2002/04/28 ]--- 0.0.2r27-rc4 released

  • cmd_cp fix
  • verbose_cmd_cp fix
  • step4 fix
  • combine_filelists fix
  • copy_to_destdir fix
  • jaildir fix
  • jaildir alias fix

2002/04/30 ]--- 0.0.2r27-rc5 released

  • jaildir fix

2002/05/03 ]--- 0.0.2r27-rc6 released

  • copy_to_destdir fix

2002/05/22 ]--- 0.0.2r27-rc7 released

  • copy_to_destdir fix (No.2)

2002/06/08 ]--- 0.0.2r27-rc8 released

2002/06/17 ]--- 0.0.2r27 released

  • filelist feature
  • support whildchars in filelists
  • iteration feature
  • enhancements in cmd_cp
  • only display '--version' warning if accurate
  • fix '(' and ')' chars in copy_to_destdir
  • fixes in copy_into_jail
  • ability to skip CONFIGURE, BUILD of INSTALL step
  • do not process STEP5 if no INSTALL part found
  • man file updates
  • cmd_cp changes
  • correct_mislinked_files changes
  • preliminary SIGNAL handling for major functions
  • cmd_cp fix
  • 'jail mode' fix
  • link parsing fix
  • fix debian changelogs
  • eliminate awk_rev where possible
  • parse_ext removed, parse_fname rewritten
  • workaround in case when there are multiple matching packages (slackware)
  • do not overwrite users EDITOR setting
  • (debian) new PKG_SECTION and PKG_PRIORITY variables
  • (debian) set 'Architecture: ' to 'dpkg-architecture' for devel
  • Improved copy_into_jail: now it only copies files or creates directories if they did not exist before

2002/09/05 ]--- 0.0.2r28-pre1 released

  • added missing man pages to
  • do_extract: direct access to parse_fname and EXTRACT_CMD
  • optional DOWNLOAD section
  • empty SOURCE_FILE string accepted in EXTRACT part, the user may use a custom DOWNLOAD part; but added a few extra checks.
  • OPTIMIZE, OPTCFLAGS: preliminary support for compile time optimizations (-march, -mcpu)
  • FIX for a nasty 'link eat bug'
  • Only remove invalid links if we can fix them, otherwise leave them alone and display a 'FIXME: ...' message
  • '--autorun' option for buildpkg
  • '--force-step' option for buildpkg
  • '--pkgname' option for mkskel

2002/10/02 ]--- 0.0.2r28-pre2 released

  • ability to overwrite buildpkg build number
  • '--release number' option for mkskel
  • CHOWN_TO_ROOT option
  • USE_POLICY option
  • support for slackware's .slack-desc
  • support for package descriptions inside of .def (slackware, deb, rpm and solaris)
  • '--skip-chown' option for buildpkg
  • tar version check for slackware (slackware is unstable with tar > 1.13)
  • make_policy -> utility to create policy file from .tar.gz archive
  • do_copy helper function
  • new version handler
  • ability to force PKG_NAME and PKG_VERSION overwrite
  • create shell script if PACKAGE_TYPE is slackware
  • utility to show package dependencies
  • added awk, xargs, expr and touch to jail
  • utility to check jail filelist
  • fixes for rpm and deb packaging support
  • package types became rpm and deb (aliases for old ones and others [suse,mandrake,redhat,debian,...])
  • new cmp_cp (with full link follow feature)
  • cleanup_jail works again
  • rotopipe helper
  • utility to generate_jail list
  • copy_to_destdir fix
  • WIPE_DEPCOMP option
  • append autodetected depcomp part (POST_BUILD) to $TOPDIR/$DEF_NAME.hint
  • more comfortable way to remove files manually (y,n,A,N,e)

2002/12/02 ]--- 0.0.2r28-pre3 released

  • Fixes by (fix devel-rpm creation, fix ,,in place'' sed-editing)
  • fix for 'misplaced package file after creation' problem
  • support for freebsd package type added
  • bugfix for AUTORUN
  • /dev/null major and minor autodetected, but can be overwritten
  • example buildpkg.jail files for Slackware current and FreeBSD 4.7

2002/12/16 ]--- 0.0.2r28-pre4 released

  • filter_filelists fix (bug introduced in r1.333)

2002/12/22 ]--- 0.0.2r28-pre4a released

  • support for external JAIL_ROOT
  • fixes for JAIL support (ie. file copy)
  • stop AUTORUN mode if .files found
  • exit with error if source file not found in do_extract

2003/01/07 ]--- 0.0.2r28-pre5 released

  • insert check in front of copy_if_not_found (fix problems if ARCHIVE_SRCDIR not found)
  • set ARCHIVE_SRCFILE to "n" if ARCHIVE_SRCDIR not found

2003/01/10 ]--- 0.0.2r28-pre5a released

  • mute rmdir output

2003/01/28 ]--- 0.0.2r28-rc1 released

  • cleanup_jail fix
  • spec_getpath rewritten in awk
  • spec_cp fixed
  • filelist feature fixed
  • show_deps fixed
  • do_extract fix
  • fixed

2003/02/05 ]--- 0.0.2r28-rc2 released

  • multiple files (incl. wildchars) support in do_extract
  • check md5sum(s) of source file(s) if .md5 found

2003/02/20 ]--- 0.0.2r28-rc3 released

  • correct_mislinked_files rewritten

2003/02/26 ]--- 0.0.2r28-rc4 released

  • copy_to_destdir fix (symlinked directories)

2003/03/19 ]--- 0.0.2r28-rc5 released

  • use tar-1.13 in make_RAW_package if PACKAGE_TYPE is 'slackware'
  • display error msg and exit if unable to locate source file(s)

2003/03/26 ]--- 0.0.2r28 released

  • copy_to_destdir and STEP5 'chmod' fix

2003/03/27 ]--- 0.0.2r28b released

  • typo fix
  • copy source files to archive when extracted using do_extract
  • fonts.dir fix

2003/04/21 ]--- 0.0.2r28c released

  • ARCH fix
  • DEF_NAME fixes
  • STEP0 fixes
  • find_deps fixes
  • DISTFILES support
  • mkskel creates .md5 file for source

2003/06/14 ]--- 0.0.2r28d released

  • create_deb_skeleton fix (chmod 755 on debian directory)
  • fix typo in fonts-dir handling
  • do_gzcopy and do_bz2copy functions commands
  • remove also $DESTDIR-doc in STEP9

2003/07/13 ]--- 0.0.2r28e released

  • soapbox support
  • do_gzcopy and do_bz2copy basename fix

2004/02/14 ]--- 0.0.2r28f released