bm.el --- Visible bookmarks in buffer for GNU Emacs 22.x / 23.x (XEmacs 21.x).

This package provides visible, buffer local, bookmarks and the ability to jump forward and backward to the next bookmark.

It was created because I missed the bookmarks from M$ Visual Studio in GNU Emacs. I think they provide an easy way to navigate in a buffer.


  • Toggle bookmarks. Jump to next/previous bookmark.
  • Setting bookmarks based on a regexp. (Useful when searching logfiles.)
  • Mouse navigation.
  • Annotate bookmarks.
  • Different wrapping modes.
  • Different bookmarks styles, line-only, fringe-only or both.
  • Persistent bookmarks (buffer local), also in non-file buffers (*info*) and indirect buffers.
  • List bookmarks (in all buffers) in a separate buffer.
  • Cycle through bookmarks in all open buffers.

[2011-11-22] Project moved to github: