BG light

BG light is a lightweight Backgammon player for mobile units.

Lightweight above means modest resources (memory and CPU) to make it more suitable for low end units. It's playing strength is equivalent to mgnu_zp playing on FIBS, which is around 1950.

BG light is loosely derived from GNU backgammon, however it is completely rewritten in C++, uses a different cube decisions model, and provides a specialized interface for easier porting. It uses the same neural nets, but replaces the (relatively large) bearoff database with a forth net.

Project contents

BG light contains a core library and interfaces.

Obtaining and Compiling

Currently, you have to access BG light via savana CVS Repository. Follow the instructions on that page.

Next run ./configure in the top level directory. During development, I use the following invocation,

env CXXFLAGS='-Wall -W -Wconversion -Wstrict-prototypes -Wwrite-strings
             -Wmissing-prototypes -fno-rtti -fno-exceptions -g'
For a release you probably want to replace the `-g' with `-O3' and possibly add `-DNDEBUG' to remove the overhead of asserts and internal consistency checks.

Project status

First the bad news: BG light does not run on any Linux mobile unit yet. I do not own any Linux PDA yet, and writing user interfaces is not one of my strengths.

In short, BG light needs your help to make it a reality. If you have access to a mobile unit and the appropriate development tools (which must include a C++ compiler), porting should be quite easy (this is supposed to be the good news). All you need to do is implement the user interface.

Please contact me at if you have more questions, comments, or requests.

Symbols and Equations

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