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Module bazaar.cache

Cache and reference buffer classes.

Cache classes are used to buffer objects and association data loaded from database. There are two types of cache:

Cache and buffer classes are dictionaries. A dictionary contains pairs of primary key value and object identified by the primary key (object cache) or application object and set of primary key values of referenced objects (one-to-many and many-to-many association data cache).

Reference buffers contains objects, which does not have priamry key values (are not in database).

Every class and association has its own cache, which is configurable, see bazaar.config module documentation.
Cache Abstract, basic class for different data caches.
Full Abstract, basic cache class for loading all objects and association data.
FullAssociation Cache for loading all association data of relationship from database.
FullObject Cache class for loading all objects of application class from database.
Lazy Abstract, basic cache class for lazy objects and association data loading.
LazyAssociation Cache for lazy loading of association data from database.
LazyObject Cache for lazy referenced object loading.
ListReferenceBuffer Reference buffer for set of objects.
ReferenceBuffer Simple reference buffer class.

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