Autobuild is a package that process output from building software, primarily focused on packages using Autoconf and Automake, and then generate a HTML summary file, containing links to each build log. The output include project name, version, build host types (cross compile aware), compiler host name, date of build, and indication of success or failure. The output is indexed in many ways to simplify browsing.



There is a tutorial in the online Autobuild Manual. For other formats, such as PS or PDF, see the manual page.


The releases are distributed from

All official releases are signed with an OpenPGP key with fingerprint 0xB565716F.


There is a Savannah Autobuild project page. You can check out the sources by using git as follows:

      $ git clone git://

The online git interface is available.

For a description of the latest modifications to Autobuild, consult the NEWS file (live version).