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Welcome to ArchWay

ArchWay is a GNU Arch GUI.  It follows the unix tradition of small tools
doing their work well and cooperating nicely with each other.

Some users reported core dumps on certain operations, we will try to work
around these problems later.  Your feedback is welcome.  Please read TODO
before making feature requests.

Some tips: in a working tree, run "archelf" to operate on project files;
run "archmag" to manage tree merges; run "archeye ." to view tree changes;
run "archeye ,,undo-1" to view any changeset; run "archrog" to manage
registered archives and search for new archives; and so on.

Alternatively, just run "archway" and choose the desired tools from there.
Set environment variable ARCHWAY_NO_IMAGES=1 if you find images annoying.

Verify dependencies

Please run "make". This roughly checks you have all needed dependencies.

How to install

Please run "make" to get a short explanation.

ArchWay information

The archway development may be browsed using archzoom:

This Arch GUI is a combination of:

  * GTK2
  * Perl

That means freedom, portability and power.

Names used in ArchWay:

Executable | Title     | Label             | Remarks
  archway  | ArchWay   | Main Dispatcher   | loads all other interfaces
  archeye  | ArchEye   | Changeset Viewer  | lists modified files, diffs
  archelf  | ArchElf   | Project Tree      | changes, add, update, commit
  archmag  | ArchMage  | Project Merges    | partners, missing, star-merge
  archero  | ArchHero  | Personal Info     | my-id, hats
  archaos  | ArchChaos | Conflict Resolver | *.rej. *.orig
  archgen  | ArchGenie | Branch Graph      | branch/merge wide ancestry
  archang  | ArchAngel | Archive Browser   | abrowse, archive-setup
  archrog  | ArchRogue | Archive Registry  | local and world-wide archives

Please read the files in doc/ directory for additional information.

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