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There are two formats that you can use. The script format (source) and the "compiled binary" format.
APing is written in python so usually you need a python interpreter on your machine to run it, but there are cases when you don't have one, or you can not install python for  some reasons, well if this is your case you can use the so-called "compiled binary" versions.
But why are the  compiled  binary words in quotes ? That's because the compiled binary format it's not a real  binary, executable file, but just a frozen and packed file.
I have compiled APing for two platforms: GNU/Linux and FreeBSD. If you like the application and you have  compiled, tested  on some other operating systems please let me know.
About Me NOTE: Keep in mind that the "binary"  files are not faster compared to the script format, they are in fact slower !
Use the binary files only if you have no choice
APing is in beta development status so far, but it's stable enough to be used safely

Script format
The latest beta version is aping-0.1beta1
Here is the gpg signature, and the checksum digest
Compiled binary formats
GNU/Linux binaries
The latest  alpha binary version for GNU/Linux is aping-0.1alpha4
Here is the gpg signature, and the checksum digest
FreeBSD binaries
The latest alpha binary for FreeBSD is aping-0.1alpha3
Here is the gpg signature, and the checksum digest
You can find all the APing releases from the oldest to the latest in this directory

Here are some mirrors for the above directory (APing download area)
- http://dl.sv.gnu.org/releases/aping/  (Boston, MA, USA)
- http://nongnu.bigsearcher.com  (Utah, USA), probably it's down

For the security paranoid users (and that's a good thing) here is my public GPG signing key
You can import my public key by typing in a terminal:  gpg --import <file>
My GPG key fingerprint is this:

CVS repositories are available for APing, so if you really want to use the latest development version you can search, or download  the CVS repository of the source code. The web interface for the CVS source code repository can be  found here

If you want to download the whole APing source use this command from a shell, terminal :
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.savannah.nongnu.org:/sources/aping co aping