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About Me
Hi! My name is Kantor Zsolt and I'm the author of APing - Advanced Ping program. I like to program (open source, free software programming), to explore computers, test, discover operating systems, I enjoy all kind of networking stuff, to push hardware and software to its limits.
My favorite programming language is Python. If you are asking why Python ? here is a simple, and short answer: Python is simple, but not simplistic.
If we are talking about operating systems I'm a kind of  GNU/Linux (Debian distribution) user but I like  FreeBSD too, but I never liked Micro$oft Window$. I don't think that Window$ is a real operating system. Just kidding :)), but maybe it's true.
My hobbies, interests beside computer programming and all that stuff are: traveling, exploring new places on this planet, I like music very much (Rock music especially), I like the Sci-Fi movies and books, detective, thriller movies, martial arts (but I don't really have time to practice that), and snooker.
Ok if you are curios and asking yourself: how this guy look like ? here is a picture from myself

If you want to contact me for some reason (asking some questions, want to contribute . . .), here is my personal e-mail address  kantorzsolt@yahoo.com

The project e-mail address is:  aping.project@gmail.com 
Questions, suggestions or even criticism are welcome !