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APing is the advanced ping program written in Python from scratch that can execute four type of ICMP probes :
- echo request
Download - address mask request
- timestamp request
- and information request

Ok, this was only the basic idea to write APing beside the four probe types  you can also change the ToS (Type of service) value in packets, retrieve the UTC time from a valid timestamp reply packet, or to change the TTL (time to live  field), even to trace the sent packets to understand better what's going on. The latter implementations (ToS setup, UTC time retrieval . . .) are available in the alpha 4, beta 1 development versions only.

Why created APing ?
I have wrote APing from three major reasons. First of all I like to scan networks/hosts, to detect the operating system, server version, to see how routers, hosts responses to different packets with different options, to scout new things in that field. I'm using Nmap, Wireshark, the usual ping program, tcpdump . . ., but  I have found no probing/scanning program that can make more then two, three ICMP probes. So I have thought I gonna write my own host discovery, network probing program.
The second reason is that I like to code, and I feel funny when a day elapsed without coding at least  a few lines :)
The third reason is the free software, open source community. Without this community GNU, Linux and all the free, open source programs would not be what they are. And I must to thank all the great stuff that this can offer to me. For instance I started to program after I installed GNU/Linux. So this is my aknowledgement, to write a program that is free.