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Wondering what this is all about? See What is AMPU? for an overview of the project.

28 March 2002 Latest IRC logs available
(ampu logo) Developer's IRC logs for this week (26 March 2002), and for last week (19 March 2002) are now posted, for those who like to follow them.
26 March 2002 New Use Cases Available
(ampu logo) New use cases are now available, for developers, and others who may be interested. Use cases, for those who don't know, describe things like which actions should be available to end users of the final program. In general, they are intended to be easily readable, although they can get technical at times.
7 March 2002 New Wallpaper Added
(ampu logo) New wallpaper is now available in the downloads section. Specially designed for for large desktops (1600x1200), this wallpaper boldly displays the AMPU slogan as the final piece in a world-wide conference table.
6 March 2002 New Site Sections Added
(ampu logo) Two new sections have been added to the website - Frequently Asked Questions, (FAQs), and IRC Logs.
4 March 2002 Architecture Documentation Updates
(ampu logo) New architecture documentation was added today, mainly in the Actors and Dictionary subsections.
26 Feb 2002 Website launched
(ampu logo) The new AMPU website was launched today. All AMPU documentation will now be available at this site. Contact details have been provided for all team members, and you can even download our first piece of propaganda... AMPU wallpaper!