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A More Perfect Union - Accessing the AMPU Website via CVS

  1. Run ssh-keygen, or generate a public ssh key however your tools do it.
  2. Choose an empty passphrase for your keypair when prompted.
  3. Locate the (˜/.ssh/ on unix), or whatever public key file is generated.
  4. Login to Savannah via the web.
  5. Go to the Account Maintenance section of Savannah
  6. Proceed to the "Edit Keys" subsection.
  7. Cut and paste the contents of into the text box, making sure that the entire contents are on one line. The text will wrap visibly, but the breaks should be spaces, not returns.
  8. Submit your key.
  9. Wait 24 hours
  10. Make sure that the tool you are going to use will talk with the SSH version 1 protocol. If your connection tools don't mention this, then try looking for RSA. Protocol 2 uses things like 3DES, Blowfish, CAST128, and Arcfour, all of which are presumably incompatible. For the ssh commandline tool on unix, this means creating the ~/.ssh/config file, with a single line in it, reading

    Protocol 1

  11. Checkout the website with these commands using ssh, from the commandline:
                    		export CVS_RSH=ssh
                            	cvs co non-gnu/ampu/

    Or, for equivalent tools, those details are:

    remote connection protocol/method
    remote username
    (yourname) your nickname, that Savannah normally uses. Enter this as usual (ie, in the normal case, including underscores etc, if any). Refer to your nick as shown in the AMPU developers' box, on the right of the Savannah project, if unsure.
    remote repository
  12. Enter a blank password when prompted (just press return, if using ssh from the command line). The site should now be available locally. You can load files directly into your web-browser, or map the directory into your web server for proper testing.