AMPU Project

Use Case
Use Case Diagram 0
Name Relinquish Citizenship
Iteration Filled
Summary Give up all rights as a Citizen, and lose any opportunity to Login again without Re-registration.
Basic Course of Events
  1. Request removal from Citizens' Registrar
  2. Confirm Removal
    1. Receive verification code by email
    2. Confirm removal by replying to email including registration code
  3. Receive confirmation of removal, and thanks for participation
Alternative Paths
  • At Step 2, a plugin system might be used to provide other methods of authenticating the request for removal. In particular, a system wherein administrators can remove Citizens without that Citizen's approval, for whatever reason, would require this step to be modified.
  • At Step 3, other responses (or none) may be desired. If enough flexibility cannot be included here via preferences, then plugins should be included.
Exception Paths
Extension Points
Related Environment Rules
Author Jel
Date 2002/03/26 - Facade
2002/03/26 - Filled