AMPU Project

Use Case
Use Case Diagram 0
Name Register As Citizen
Iteration Filled
Summary Register as a Citizen (someone who participates in the system), by providing any necessary details. This registration is dependant on some verification of the details provided.
Basic Course of Events
  1. Enter Details
    1. Enter Name
    2. Enter Email
    3. Enter Password
  2. Confirm Registration request
  3. Await/Participate in Validation process
    1. Receive email containing validation code
    2. Validate email address and corresponding registration by replying to email including validation code
  4. Receive "Welcome pack"
    1. Receive email message
Alternative Paths
  • At each of Steps 1,3, and 4, a plugin system might implement an entirely different approach. It is most likely, though, that some kind of overall group of plugins needed to coordinate such alterations into a coherent authentication system.
Exception Paths
Extension Points
Related Environment Rules
Author Jel
Date 2002/03/26 - Facade
2002/03/26 - Filled