AMPU Project

Use Case
Use Case Diagram 0
Name Logout
Iteration Filled
Summary A User logs out of the System, thus requiring authentication before their account can be used again.
Basic Course of Events
  1. User states a desire to logout.
  2. The System confirms the User's intent to logout
  3. The User's interaction with the System is downgraded to Guest
Alternative Paths
Exception Paths
  • If the User denies an intent to log out at step 2, the System will return the User to their previous login state.
Extension Points
  • A User triggers this case when they wish to downgrade their level of participation within the System so they may end recognition of their current login state.
  • The User will be logged in as a Citizen.
  • The User will be logged in as a Guest if no cancellation occurs.
Related Environment Rules
Author Jel, adiffer
Date 2002/03/26 - Facade
2002/03/26 - Filled