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Use Case
Use Case Diagram 0
Name Login
Iteration Filled
Summary Prove identity to the system, and thereby become recognised as a registered Citizen, rather than a Guest.
Basic Course of Events
  1. The Guest provides Citizen Identification to the system by entering the following information.
    UserID, Enter Password, Confirm
    An electronically signed login string.
  2. The System validates the identifiction information by testing it against known citizens or by determining that the signature key is authentic.
  3. The System informs the Guest they are now recognized as a Citizen.
Alternative Paths
  • If a user enters the system at step one without a login level, the system automatically assigns them a minimum login level of Guest.
Exception Paths
  • If authentication fails at Step 2, the system returns the Guest to Step 1 to retry the login, or cancel it. Information about why the login failed is also returned to the user.
Extension Points
  • At Step 1, a plugin data entry mechanism may be used, to provide more flexible, more compatible, and/or more secure login methods.
  • At Step 2, a plugin authentication mechanism may be used, to provide more flexible, more compatible, and/or more secure login methods.
  • A User triggers this case when they wish to upgrade their level of participation within the System so they may be recognized as a Citizen
  • The User will have the information they need to have a valid Citizen's account. This data may include user names, passwords, or a special public/private key pair used to authenticate them.
  • The user will have been presented the option to make a new Citizen's Account if they do not already have one.
  • The user will have had the opportunity to inform the system that they have forgotten or lost a portion of the information they need to validate themselves as a citizen.
  • The System will recognize the User as a Citizen if all authentication tests pass. Citizen level features within the System will become available to the User.
  • The System will recognize the User as a Guest if any authentication tests fail. The User will be presented with some basic information about the test failure so they may try again or cancel the effort.
Related Environment Rules
Author Jel, adiffer
Date 2002/03/26 - Facade
2002/03/26 - Filled