AMPU Project
Nonfunctional Requirements

Number Requirement Type Definition Source
1 Usability Since the system is targetted at every member of the population (at least, after minimal training), then it must be extremely straightforward to use. Jel
2 High Availability The system must be fault tolerant, and capable of operating under extreme loads if it is to support entire populations of users. Jel
3 Consistancy The data contained within the system must be accurate and up to date, regardless of which server information is retrieved from or sent to. Jel
4 Responsiveness

The system must be responsive in almost all circumstances, except, perhaps, under the most major of global decisions, in which case minor delays could be tolerated.

In all cases of delay, it must be obvious to the user what is taking place, and whether the operation was successful.

In addition, progress reports (ie, progress bars, time estimates, etc) should be provided wherever possible, to keep the user informed of delays. This consideration should affect protocol design where necessary, not simply be implemented in the client software when the protocol allows it.