AMPU Project

Citizen A registered and authenticated user of the system, for which a UniqueID is available.   2002/03/05
UniqueID A unique indentifier allocated to represent a specific thing (which may be any class or instance). x 2002/03/05
Forum A user-visible partition of the overall discussion and collaboration system in which a specific topic is managed. Similar to a standard website forum, a mailing list, or a Usenet newsgroup. 2002/03/05
Subforum A Forum within a Forum, in which more specialised or specific topics are discussed. Subforums can both inherit and override features of their parent Forums. 2002/03/05
Initiative A user-proposed debate on a specific Issue. Should the system be configured to allow it, these Initiatives may immediately become Juries, or they may require some sort of filtering based upon interest before being promoted to the status of Jury. 2002/03/05

A Subforum in which a specific Issue is deliberated, Solutions are proposed, and an eventual Decision is reached.

Jury members, Jurors, are elected to a Jury by randomly electing members of the parent Forum until the required number of Jury members has been reached. Each selected Jury member is given a period of time in which to reject the appointment to Jury service, and may do so for any reason. Such reasons might include lack of time, lack of knowledge on the issue in question, or a simple lack of interest in the issue.

Issue A specific problem or proposal, for which a Decision is sought by a Jury's Decision. 2002/03/05

A Taskforce, containing a specific proposal or set of proposals, which are intended to provide a complete or partial answer to a specific Jury's Issue.

Should a partial Solution only be available, then the system may require breaking the Issue into solvable and non-solvable parts. Alternatively, part of the Solution may specify that a new Issue should be created at a future time to re-attempt a Solution to the unsolved sub-issue.

Any Solution, as a valid Subforum of a Jury in it's own right, may contain Messages debating the Solution, Resources detailing or corroborating the Solution, and arguments against the Solution.


The decision by a Jury to implement a particular Solution, arrived at via a process of deliberation and Voting.

Taskforce A Subforum in which specific work is assigned, managed, and fulfilled. When a Taskforce's assigned work is complete, the Taskforce wraps up, reporting back to it's parent Forum. It may also report back that the task has failed for some reason, or that the work has been postponed pending the outcome of some other event. 2002/03/05

The process by which Jury members make their Decision on a particular Issue known.

Voting may be evaluated using many known vote counting methods. However, the basic process remains the same:

  • Collect every Juror's vote.
  • Declare the vote closed, either when all votes are in, or when the voting deadline has been reached.
  • Evaluate the most popular vote, by counting votes, and evaluating using the choosen method of vote counting.
  • For the chosen Solution, bring it's described Taskforce into being, setting any deadline or other parameters defined for the Task.
  • Announce Jury's findings to the parent Forum, which instanciated the Jury.

Message A comment posted by a Citizen or the system itself, in a Forum or Subforum, a Jury, or a Taskforce. 2002/03/05
Reply A reply posted by a Citizen or the system itself, in reponse to a posted Message, or to a posted Resource. 2002/03/05

A textual document, video recording, audio recording, or other information resource which is archived within the system, as documentary material relevant to discussions or decisions.

Ideally, as much meta-information as possible would also be stored -- details such as authors, revisions, related organisations and works, etc.

Such information should not be subject to Copyrighted, except under such empowering licenses as the GFDL, or other Open Content licenses. Since Resources would be automatically shared throughout the system, and made available as documentary evidence whenever required, this could have major consequences.

External Resource

A documentary, media item, or other resource which is not archived directly within the system, but is stored in a method external to the system (such as on the web), and is linked to by reference.

External Resources can partially avoid the need to disseminate information (and thereby violate most non-GFDL and closed-content licenses) by simply pointing users to the required information, rather than providing it directly. This is not ideal, however, since information availability in environments external to the system cannot easily be safeguarded.


A modification to a Resource, which includes such details as who made the modification, and what was changed.

These facilities provide version management, management of multiple authors, and auditing.


An object in the system which is visibly or conceptually represented directly to the user, such as a Jury, Message, Message Reply, Resource, etc.