The ada-france monotone repository has up-to-date code for Emacs Ada mode.

Emacs ada-mode release working version
My Emacs ada-mode development branches.
OpenToken release working version. Needed to compile Ada mode grammar files.

You can access ada-france read-only, or read-write. These commands work with mtn 0.48 .. 1.0; you can use the equivalent URL in 1.0:

anonymous (read only) access
mtn --db ~/monotone-dbs/ada-france.db db init
mtn --db ~/monotone-dbs/ada-france.db --key '' pull "org.emacs.*"
read/write access requires a public key
If you are using DVC:
mtn --db ~/monotone-dbs/ada-france.db automate sync --ticker=count "mtn://*" >> ~/.dvc/sync.basic_io

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