Gnu Emacs Ada mode homepage

Ada mode 5.3.1

Available via Gnu ELPA.
To install:
Source tarball download area
Ada mode release notes; user-visible changes
The current Ada mode manual. The ELPA distribution has an Emacs info version of this; the tarball distribution contains this html version and an Emacs info version.
My bindings, settings, and hooks for using Ada mode; provided as an example.
ada-mode uses the wisi parser.
Opentoken 6.0a
OpenToken 6.0a is required for processing an edited Ada or gpr grammar file; only needed if you are working on enhancing ada-mode.

The Emacs ada-mode project page on Savannah

The ada-france monotone repository has up-to-date code; we are not using the Savannah CM system, because it does not support monotone.

ada-mode will continue to use monotone until one of the following happens:

mailing list, bugs

Subscribe to the Emacs ada-mode-users mailing list, for developer and user discussions.

mailing list archive

Please report bugs both to the mailing list and to the Emacs bug list. Put Package: emacs, ada-mode as the first line of the bug message.

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